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Technical Details


Our framework is made from galvanised steel which ensures that your building is strong and will withstand any weather.

About our steel framework:

Galvanite is a range of hot-dip galvanised steel sheet and coil products.

Corus Steel combines 60 years of production experience and modern, sophisticated equipment to ensure a quality product with benefits such as:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Formability
  • High Strength
  • Galvanite is a range of hot-dip galvanised steel sheet and coil products.
  • Galvanite has a corrosion resistant coating that remains firmly attached to the steel under the most severe forming operations. It continues to give general and sacrificial protection to all areas after forming and fabrication.

Corrosion Resistance

Of all the methods of protecting mild steel against corrosion, hot-dip zinc coating is the most common. A zinc coating protects steel in two ways:

It acts as a physical barrier between a potentially corrosive environment and the steel base.

The zinc coating gives galvanic or sacrificial protection at cut edges and at scratches.

In dry and unpolluted environments, steels with a coating of 19 microns of Galvanite hot-dip have a expected design life of 20-50 years.

European Standard

Galvanite complies with European standards and is also available to other national and international standards by agreement with Corus.



We offer a full range of door options and colours. Roller Doors, Sectional Doors and Personnel Doors.

Roof Clear Lights

Our roof clear lights are manufactured by Prolight which are box profile polycarbonate sheets.

They are high performance roof light sheets which admits natural light into domestic, commercial, industrial and many other buildings.

Our clearlights can be used to form complete roof covering or can be incorporated into profiled metal roofing and cladding systems, ranging from single skin to advanced composite panels.

UV Resistance

A protective co-extruded layer in the outer surface of the sheet forms a barrier which is resistant to the detrimental effects of UV light, minimising long term yellowing and maintaining mechanical properties. The protected surface is always clearly identified. The sheet must always be fitted with the UV protected side out, otherwise it will deteriorate, as will be shows by yellowing and decline of physical properties, e.g. the sheet will become brittle and loose impact resistance.

Impact Resistance

Prolight is a very durable material, many times tougher than glass, with excellent light transmission, fire performance and stability in extreme temperatures. Of all glazing materials polycarbonate exhibits greatest resistance to impact over a temperature range of -40°C to +130°C. It is approximately 200 times more resistant to impact than glass; PVC has limited impact resistance at low temperatures; GRP sheet is resistant to impact but will show impact abrasions much more easily than polycarbonate.


Accelerated weathering tests in a weatherometer produce little change in light transmission or yellowness index. Significantly, accelerated and natural weathering have negligible influence on the physical properties of Prolight. Eg, tensile strength, impact resistance. During the life of the sheet natural weathering will leave its thermal or mechanical properties essentially unaltered.

Fire Performance

Our clearlights exhibit excellent fire performance and in the event of a fire it will soften and open, allowing smoke, heat and gases produced by the fire to escape. This ‘venting’ property means that damage within buildings can be limited. For details of fire ratings please contact us.

Chemical Resistance

Our clear lights have in general excellent resistance to most chemicals; resistance to specific compounds depends on concentration and temperature, duration of exposure and stress within the sheet. Contact with plastic coated metal sheets, wet wood preservatives, solvents and alkali cleaners should be avoided.

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Kingspan Clear Lights

 Our Kingspan polycarbonate clear lights allow natural light to burst into buildings, this transparent trapezoidally profiled system is robust enough to maintain thermal insulation and protect against weathering.

They are UV resistant, lightweight and offers a life expectancy of upto 25 years. THis product is suitable for applications on roofed buildings for the commercial, retial, domestic, educational and healthcare building sectors among others.

Our Kingspan clear lights have many benefits:

  • Non-Fragile – HSE tested ACR (M) 001:2000, Category Class B
  • U-Value 2.0 W/m2K – Building Regulations Part L2A (England and Wales), Building (Scotland) Regulations Section 6 complaint and Building Regulations Part L (Ireland)
  • Excellent light transmission – up to 59% to ASTM D1003 standard
  • Upto 25 years life expectancy
  • Factory manufactured ensures excellent fit with all Kingspan trapezodial roofing systems
  • Range of colours available to increase aesthetic options
  • High degree of colour fastening means product will not discolour
  • Available in lengths of 1.8m to 6.3m
  • Single component for fast installation leading to accelerated build speed
  • Simple to fix and no glazing experience necessary
  • Lightweight but durable
  • These clear lights come as standard on our Gold range which features 40mm roof and wall insulation.

Kingspan Cladding

Our Kingspan Cladding is available in different insulation levels, from 40mm – 100+mm composite panels.

This fully insulated option has many benefits:

  • FIREsafe Property & Business Protection Risk
  • FIREsafe Factory Mutual (FM) approved systems
  • Complies with HSA/HSE and CDM safety requirements
  • Fully compliant with Building Regulations and Standards
  • Lifetime insulation continuity, thermal performance and airtightness (10m³/hr/m²) certainty
  • Accelerated build speed
  • Environmentally sustainable system – Zero ODP and non-deleterious


Our cladding is the best quality Proclad which is a premium quality product manufactured from galvanised coil to European Standard BS EN 10326:2004.

They are UV resistant, lightweight and offers a life expectancy of upto 25 years. THis product is suitable for applications on roofed buildings for the commercial, retail, domestic, educational and healthcare building sectors among others.

The substrate is S220 with hot dipped galvanised steel coating of 275 grammes per square metre. The substrate is primed and 200 micron of leathergrain embossed Plastisol are applied to the external surface. The internal surface is galvanised and coated with a 12 micron standard chalk white (RAL9002) coat.

 UV Resistance

The plastisol applied consists of Polyvinyl Chloride based Thermoplastic resins with short molecular chains for better UV resistance particularly suited to the construction sector.

Heat Resistance

Maximum continuous temperature -40°C to +80°C.


Our Proclad is manufactured in a 32mm deep profile with a 200mm pitch in a 1000mm cover width, with mini-ribs. (Mini-ribs can be omitted if specified at ordering)


All dimensions are subject to roll forming tolerancess.

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